Al Brinson's Memorial Service

Memorial Service at Silver Lake

A younger Al Brinson.

Al's family and neighbors arrive for the memorial service.

Al's nephew, Anthony, leads the group in an opening prayer.

Ralph Green recalls his long friendship with Al.

Al's sister, Joyce, on the left.

Cathy and Tony listen to the remarks of the speakers.  On the table a photo of a younger Al is next to the final trophey that Al won.

Cathy responds to a story about Al.

Ron Cerelli recalls Al's helpful nature.

Al's wife, Cathy thanks everyone for attending.

Those present bow their head in respect for our dear friend, Al Brinson.

Dean Vernon and Ralph Green show their emotions remembering Al.

Al as we knew him in The Villages.

Tom Fetherling starts the memorial by introducing Al's nephew.

Anthony's son and Al's wife Cathy.

Ralph gets choked up remembering his love for Al.

Russ Sinacore presents Cathy with the proceeds of the fund raiser.

Tom McInerney speaks about his memories of Al.

Paul Davidson is introduced by Tom Fetherling.

Brownie is too emotional to get up and speak, but he recalls his longtime friend, Al.

Al's nephew, Anthony, who is a preacher offers a benediction.

Everyone bows their head in prayer for Al.

At the end of the memorial those present expressed their condolences to Al's wife Cathy.